Audition Taping 101


January 5th-8th

At InnOVATION Arts Studio - 3450 Richmond Road

Students in Grades 10-12 are eligible to participate in this two-step workshop on professional audition/prescreen taping.  Students will be asked to select a focus in drama, classical voice, or musical theatre.  Students in drama will prepare a 90-second monologue with optional special skill (ie. improvisation, mime, etc).  Students in classical voice will prepare a 2-4 minute classical solo song in English or Italian.  Students in Musical Theatre will prepare 2 songs and a 60-second monologue.  Songs will be 21 bars in length and contrasting (one a ballad, one uptempo, one before 1970, one after 1970.)  


STEP ONE:  Pre-Taping Coaching Sessions

January 5th 5:00-9:00pm    January 6th 4:00-9:00pm    January 7th 9:00am-1:00pm

Pre-Taping coaching will involve working with acting coach Rachel Black and accompanist/coach Mary Joy Nelson to prepare your audition for camera.  Please come to your scheduled coaching session fully memorized and with your materials well-researched.  

Cost:  $35.00 for one 30-min coaching session; $65 for two 30-min coaching sessions or one 1 hr session (strongly recommended for MT candidates.)


STEP TWO:  Taping Session

Sunday, January 8th 2:00-8:00pm

Taping Session will involve working with professional videographer Eric Henninger and accompanist/coach Mary Joy Nelson to capture your audition video in a 30-minute taping session.  Students should be ready to tape as though for a live audition.  Extremely well-prepared students will be the most successful in the taping session.  Student's video footage will be cut, downloaded and uploaded to a usable format by our videographer.  

Cost: $75 for one 30-min taping session (includes accompanist/coach, studio quality taping with professional videographer, and up to 2 hrs of editing and formatting after the session).

Audition tapings will be available to the students on or before January 12th.