Triple Threat Training Classes


The world of musical theatre will be brought to life through classes in singing, acting and dance. The class will have two 7-week units: the first unit will focus on a Disney musical, featuring songs from Aladdin, and the second unit will focus on a Stephen Sondheim musical, featuring songs from Into the Woods. A dance combo class is included each week, along with staged or choreographed singing and acting. For Level 1, the combo class will provide training in the fundamentals and building blocks of ballet and jazz. For Level 2, students will be challenged with more difficult combinations and techniques, and they will also learn tap dance and choreography. Students will develop incremental skills as they move through the Triple Threat Training program, with the goal of developing tools to be highly-trained musical theatre artists.

The Triple Threat Training classes are not currently offered. If you are interested in Triple Threat Training, please email Mary Joy Nelson at for further information.