Title: Music and Moves for Ages 3-5

Instructors: Gabrielle Barker & Mary Joy Nelson

Description:  An action-packed class full of singing, instruments and musicianship, acting and storytelling, and creative movement using various dance styles.  Guaranteed interactive learning!

Allegro Animals!
The Allegro Animals are getting on board the Music and Moves train to go on learning adventures with their friends. Each interactive one-hour class will provide students with joyful activities, songs, pre-dance training, and developmental games that will help them grow as they explore the performing arts disciplines of music, dance, and acting. Students in this session of Music and Moves will study the following skills:


1.   Tempo

a.  Animals move allegro, andante, and adagio.

b.  Go and Stop - Animals listen for when to move and when to stop.

2.   Pitch

a.  High and Low - Animals make different sounds.

3.   Rhythm

a.  Animals learn beat patterns using quarter note, rest, and eighth note.

4.   Piano

a.  Animals learn black keys: Two Black Crows and Three Black Bears.

5.   Storytelling

a.  Animals learn a story they can recite from memory.

b.  Animals sing a song with a story, acting it out through playing roles.

c.  Animals sing a song with choreography.


1.   Dance Terms and Skills

a.  Animals learn to sauté, plié, skip and hop.

b.  Animals learn to balance and stretch.

c.  Animals tell stories and make shapes with their bodies.

2.   Movement Patterns

a.  Animals feel the beat, mood, and tempo with their bodies.

b.  Animals follow the leader.

c.  Animals learn choreography.

The Allegro Animals will have the opportunity to perform at the InnOVATION Private Studio Recital on May 7th at 4:30pm!!

Class Schedule:  Thursdays 5:30-6:30 pm

# of Classes: 6

Starts March 9 and Ends April 20, 2017 - No class on April 6

Tuition: $60 + $20 recital fees

Ages: 3-5