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Parents must review and agree to our policies on payment of tuition and refunds. You may review the policies on our website.

Financial assistance is available based on need. Find more information here.

Multi-Class Discount

With the multi-class discount, registering for two programs results in a 10% discount on the class with the highest tuition. Adding a third class results in a 10% discount on the two programs with the highest tuition. And the discount continues to apply in that way as more classes are added.

Family Discount

Families registering more than one student will receive a 10% discount on the class with the lower tuition amount. The Family Discount can be combined with the Multi-Class Discount.

Audition Information

The Advanced and Intermediate Musical Theatre Performance classes and Summer Performance camps have a casting audition. Auditions help the creative team cast the productions and get to know incoming students. All registrants will receive a part, and casting decisions are final. Students may indicate on their audition form if they want or do not want a solo, speaking part, etc. InnOVATION Arts Academy works hard to offer every child a “moment to shine.” Students may submit a video in lieu of a live audition.

For Auditions Please Prepare:

1. A song you are comfortable singing that demonstrates your range and vocal ability. Please do not use character voices. Musical Theatre, folk, or contemporary styles (even the National Anthem) are fine. Practice your song beforehand for confidence and projection. Please use a CD accompaniment track (no lead vocals please) or piano accompaniment (an accompanist will be provided for those who bring sheet music). In our experience, students who use live accompaniment or an accompaniment track have better auditions than those who sing a cappella.

2. The teachers may ask you to participate in an acting exercise, a cold read, or some other activity that demonstrates acting style and ability. No previous experience or training is required. Be engaged, focused, and do your best!

3. A short dance sequence may be taught at the audition.

4. The audition may also include: a range check (low to high), reading from a script, improvisation of a scene, a short personal interest interview.

Attendance & Punctuality

Attendance: In the Musical Theatre Performance classes, students are asked to provide conflicts early in the semester and are given a procedure for adding to or amending their conflicts. In any class, if a student will be absent and the absence was not previously reported, an email should be sent to Please inform us of absences as early as possible. This gives the teacher the opportunity to revise the lesson plan and activities in light of the student's absence. If we don't hear from you, we will expect the student to be present.

Punctuality: All students should be in the studio, ready to start class at the appointed time. This means that the student should have the proper clothes and footwear on, have class materials out, and be seated in the classroom or studio ready to learn at the start of class. Generally speaking, arriving 10 minutes early will ensure that your student is ready when class starts. Please help reinforce the importance of being on time.

What to Wear and Bring to Class

- A water bottle with your name on it.

- Three-ring binder, pencil with an eraser.

- Wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement.

- Comfortable shoes that are easy to move in. The performance and dance classes may have specific requirements for shoes, such as black jazz shoes.

- Long hair should be pulled back, and bangs should be pinned back, away from the face.