Q: Can my student attend the Junior Theater Festival (JTF) in January without being in the November production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr.?

A: Yes. You may register for the JTF Prep class and attend JTF without participating in the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class. The following requirements apply:

·         The student must attend an audition prep class on August 19 and attend casting auditions on August 26. We plan to give priority consideration for lead roles in the JTF cut to students who are also participating in the production, as they will have a high level of familiarity with the script, music, and choreography.

·         The student must plan to attend a weekly jazz dance class starting on either Monday, November 13, or Thursday, November 16.

·         JTF participant fees of $225 for each person who will attend the Festival are due by September 9.

·         Tuition for the JTF Prep class is due by December 1.

Q: Can my student participate in the November production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr., but not attend JTF?

A: Yes. By registering in the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class, the student has no obligation to attend JTF. Keep in mind, however, that after JTF participant fees are collected and sent to the Festival organizers (on approximately September 11th), we cannot add more people to our group. In other words, the decision whether to attend JTF must be made early in the semester.

Q: If my student wants to be in the November production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr., does s/he have to take a tap dance class?

A: Yes. All cast members will tap dance in the production and therefore, must have the proper training. In addition, choreography will be taught and rehearsed in the tap dance class. This is necessary because of the short timeframe between casting and production.

Q: How much is the tuition for a student who takes the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class, the JTF Prep class, and the mandatory dance class, or some combination of these classes?

A. We have built discounts into the system, but the discounts are not applied until you get to the Check Out screen. Here is a summary of the tuition calculation for three different tracks:

Tuition Calculations for Millie classes-1.jpg

Please note that the above calculations do not include the $25 costume fee for the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class, or the JTF Participant Fees (and other costs for attending JTF).

Q: When will you cast the November production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr.?

A: Casting auditions will be held during class on August 26th, and the cast list will be announced before the next class on September 9th.

Q: When will you cast for JTF?

A: Casting auditions for JTF will also be held on August 26th, during the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class (in other words, a student who is doing both the full show performance and JTF only has to audition once). Students who register only for the JTF Prep class are also encouraged to attend an audition prep session on August 19th with the Advanced Musical Theater Performance students. Our goal this year is for the students who perform at JTF to be very familiar with the script, music and story of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. so that they only need to learn and rehearse the 15-minute cut starting in November. Thus, students who register for both the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class and JTF will receive priority consideration for lead roles in the JTF cast.

Q: Will you use double casting this fall?

A: We plan to double cast the lead roles in the November production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr., provided that enrollment is sufficient. Each cast will have two performances in November. We will not double cast for JTF, although the directors may choose to use understudies so that rehearsals are not hampered by student absences. No decision has been made on whether to double cast some lead roles in The Velveteen Rabbit Christmas Musical – it will depend on enrollment.

Q: What is the venue for the fall performances?

A: We have not finalized the venue arrangements – stay tuned!

Q: Why do the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class and the Arts Leadership class move from Saturday to Sunday mid-semester?

A: Many of the students who plan to participate in these classes also participate in drama programs at their high schools. We have learned that the area high school drama teachers plan to take their students to a number of theatre conferences and competitions that fall on Saturdays starting in October. To minimize conflicts for the high school students, we are moving these classes to Sunday.

Q: How do I know what level class is appropriate for my child?

A: To some extent, age or grade in school can be used to identify the appropriate class for a student. We recognize, however, that each child is unique and that age is only one factor to be considered in determining the appropriate level of training. Mary Joy Nelson has a wealth of experience and expertise in determining how to provide each student with a challenging, stimulating environment that is not overwhelming. Please consult her if you are unsure of the best match for your child.

Q: How is the Triple Threat Training class different from the Musical Theatre Performance class?

A: The Triple Threat Training class is designed for students who want to focus on fundamental training in singing, acting and dance. The classes are structured so that incremental skills can be developed without the constraints of a production schedule. The Triple Threat classes expand on the training provided in the Musical Theatre Performance classes, giving students the tools to be more independent as musical theatre artists.

Q: Will I be required to pay additional fees for the production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. or The Velveteen Rabbit Christmas Musical?

A: No, all fees are included in your registration.

Q: Why is the tuition for the Intermediate Musical Theatre Performance class almost the same as for the Advanced class?

A: The Advanced class has 10 sessions before going into rehearsals, which is 30 hours of training, whereas the Intermediate class has 14 sessions before going into rehearsals, or 28 hours of training. Therefore, the two classes offer almost the same number of hours of training. In addition, the Musical Theatre Performance classes require three Teaching Artists, unlike a class in which a single discipline is taught (dance, acting, voice).

Q: How do I register for multiple classes at one time?

A: InnOVATION Arts uses an online registration system hosted by Jumbula. If you are a new user, you must first create your log-in credentials (we recommend that you use an email address for your log-in that you check frequently, as we will use this email address to send class communications). Select the first class for your student and complete the information requested on each screen. Before check-out (when you select the method of payment), you have the option to add more classes:

·         To add more classes for the same student OR to add different classes for a different student, click on Select classes for a new participant;

·         To add the same class for a different student, click on Register another participant.

You will return to the first screen in Jumbula, where you can select another class (or the same class for a different student). You do not need to return to the InnOVATION Arts webpage to add additional classes to your registration.

Q: How do installment payments work?

A: Tuition may be divided into four roughly equal payments, with the first payment due at the time of registration. Subsequent payments are due on the first business day in September, October and November. You must provide a credit or debit card, and each installment will be automatically charged to the card on the due date.

Q: Can I pay installments by check?

A: The registration system requires a credit or debit card for installment payments. If you would like to discuss an alternate arrangement, please contact Sadhna True.