Q: What does an “all-studio” production mean with reference to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

A: InnOVATION Arts plans to involve students from a number of classes and at different levels in the spring production. All students in the Musical Theatre Performance classes and in certain advanced dance classes will participate. The Advanced Musical Theatre students will perform in all six shows. Dancers will perform in dance feature numbers. The Intermediate Musical Theatre students will perform in four shows – in two shows, the Intermediate students will be the primary cast members, and they will also be in the ensemble with the Advanced students’ cast for two shows. The Beginner Musical Theatre students will perform as ensemble members in three shows. Until enrollment and casting are complete, it is impossible to say who will perform when. Please keep all of the performance times available until casting is complete.

Q: If my student wants to be in the production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, does s/he have to take a dance class?

A: All students in the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class must also enroll in a Lyrical/Contemporary dance class. The class is offered three times during the week, and two different levels are offered. All Advanced students will dance in the production and therefore, must have the proper training. In addition, choreography will be taught and rehearsed in the dance class. This is necessary because of the short timeframe between casting and production. The Intermediate and Beginner students are not required to take a separate dance class (though it is encouraged!).

Q: How much is the tuition for a student who takes the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class and the mandatory dance class?

A. We have built discounts into the system, but the discounts are not applied until you get to the Check Out screen. Here is a summary of the tuition calculation for Advanced Musical Theatre Performance students:

Tuition chart for FAQ_Page_1.jpeg

Please note that the above calculations do not include the $25 production fee for the Advanced Musical Theatre Performance class, or the cost of the costume for the dance features.

Q. Why are the Advanced students performing in all six shows of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

A. The Advanced students will have a character role and/or ensemble role in four performances and will perform in dance features in the other two performances (when the Intermediate students have primary roles).

Q: When will you cast The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

A: Casting auditions will be held during the second class session for Advanced and Intermediate Musical Theatre Performance students. The cast lists will be announced in early February.

Q: Will you use double casting this spring?

A: We plan to double cast the Advanced students in lead roles in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, so that the students have the opportunity to be in the ensemble for some performances. No decision has been made on whether to double cast some lead roles in the Intermediate students’ cast – it will depend on enrollment.

Q: What is the venue for performances of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe?

A: We have not finalized the venue arrangements – stay tuned!

Q: How do I know what level class is appropriate for my child?

A: To some extent, age or grade in school can be used to identify the appropriate class for a student. We recognize, however, that each child is unique and that age is only one factor to be considered in determining the appropriate level of training. Mary Joy Nelson has a wealth of experience and expertise in determining how to provide each student with a challenging, stimulating environment that is not overwhelming. Please consult her if you are unsure of the best match for your child.

Q: How is the Triple Threat Training class different from the Musical Theatre Performance class?

A: The Triple Threat Training class is designed for students who want to focus on the fundamentals of singing, acting and dance. The classes are structured so that incremental skills can be developed without the constraints of a production schedule. The Triple Threat classes expand on the training provided in the Musical Theatre Performance classes, giving students the tools to be more independent as musical theatre artists.

Q. If I enroll my student for Triple Threat, am I required to also enroll him/her in a dance class?

A. No. The Triple Threat classes include a dance class. The dance class may be taken as a stand-alone class by students who are not taking Triple Threat. In addition, the Beginner Dance Combo class is offered twice a week, and students in Triple Threat, Level 1 may enroll in the Beginner Dance Combo class on Saturday morning if they would like to receive additional dance training.

Q: How do I register for multiple classes at one time?

A: InnOVATION Arts uses an online registration system hosted by Jumbula. If you are a new user, you must first create your log-in credentials (we recommend that you use an email address for your log-in that you check frequently, as we will use this email address to send class communications). Select the first class for your student and complete the information requested on each screen. Before check-out (when you select the method of payment), you have the option to add more classes:

  • To add more classes for the same student OR to add different classes for a different student, click on Select classes for a new participant;
  • To add the same class for a different student, click on Register another participant.

You will return to the first screen in Jumbula, where you can select another class (or the same class for a different student). You do not need to return to the InnOVATION Arts webpage to add additional classes to your registration.

Q: How do installment payments work?

A: Tuition may be divided into four roughly equal payments, with the first payment due at the time of registration. Subsequent payments are due on the first Monday in February, March and April. You must provide a credit or debit card, and each installment will be automatically charged to the card on the due date.

Q: Can I pay installments by check?

A: The registration system requires a credit or debit card for installment payments. If you would like to discuss an alternate arrangement, please contact Sadhna True.